Thank you for joining the Beta

Mar 16, 2016
by Anthony Glover
Theme Market beta has Launched
Theme Market is proud to announce the Foundation member beta

This beta will be available for two weeks while foundation members upload their starter products.

Throughout the beta you will find a 'Get help or report a bug' button in the bottom right of each page. If you run in to any problems do not hesitate to use it and contact us. Our staff will be on hand to help with your problems and fix issues as they arise.

When uploading your items be sure to check out the (?) help icons. They will guide you through the process. Some of the (?) icons contain links to the various agreements and licences. We would strongly recommend reading the service licences before you consider activating them.

Finally, we would like to warn everyone about potential performance issues. Our beta platform is located in Japan and running on a single server. When we move to production in two weeks the platform will be migrated to a mature load balanced cluster in the USA backed by a worldwide CDN.

We are very happy to welcome you all on board as our founding members!

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